Accord University is the first of its kind in Somalia. It is completely based on modern information and communication technologies. Accord University provides higher education to aspiring students. It provides the best courses for students regardless of their locations. There is no cost for travel because the university is tuition-free.

Accord University uses a combination of video lectures, reading material, audio/video tutorials, and online interaction [e-classroom] for imparting knowledge. However, it follows a very formal assessment and evaluation system in the same fashion as used in any conventional higher education institution [HEI]].

The university observes the semester system. Its students have complete flexibility to study at their own convenience, pace, and place.


Accord University (AU) believes that access to higher education is a key ingredient in world peace promotion and global economic development. It finds higher education to be a human right, and it will simultaneously transform people's lives and be an important catalyst for social change.


The mission of Accord University is to offer affordable, quality, online, degree-granting educational programs to any qualified degree student.


Utilizing the internet to provide distance education programs at minimal costs and  providing  a wide range of financial  assistance options, and promoting the university's programs in underserved regions of the world


Accord University has fostered a significant partnership with the United Nations Association of Somalia - a civil society organization dedicated to promoting the United Nations' principles and ideas in Somalia to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Our unremitting efforts to promote the essential values embodied in the United Nations Charter have been consistently reinforced by our collaboration with the UN Association of Somalia. As a result, Accord University's partnership has made a substantial contribution to the UN Association of Somalia's mission.

Accord University stands with pride as a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) community, comprising over 1600 prominent institutions across 152 countries fervently striving to advance global priorities such as peace, human rights, and sustainable development in conjunction with the United Nations. As a prominent academic institution, we are committed to making meaningful contributions towards building a better world for the present and future generations.

"We recognize that the yield of any concerted action extends beyond the limits of a single domain, and therefore we will work closely with like-minded individuals and organizations to maximize our impact. It is important that we acknowledge and embrace the interconnectedness of the SDGs and embrace a collective responsibility towards achieving them."

Accord University is proud to offer the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) - a globally recognized proof of student status. The ISIC enables students to access a wide range of benefits and discounts across the world, including discounted travel, accommodation, visits to cultural institutions, and many other perks. With the ISIC in hand, our students can enjoy a rich and diverse range of opportunities that help them make the most of their academic experience.