Master of Security, Intelligence & Strategic Studies

M.A. Security, Intelligence & Strategic Studies skills are more important than ever and always in demand in both the public and private sectors, with organizations looking to protect their personnel, assets, information, and reputation from criminal threats as diverse as fraud and terrorism.

This M.A. Security, Intelligence & Strategic Studies degree course will give you tools you need to progress in this in-demand field, broaden your understanding of intelligence from both open and closed sources, and also help meet the growing need for security and intelligence professionals by building on your research, analysis and management skills and applying them to the field of criminal intelligence.


Faculty E-mail: Duration: One Year Eligibility: Minimum Percentage: 70%
Sr. No. Subjects of Study Code Subject Type Type Credit Hours Lecturer
Sem. I Two Months: Starting 04 Feb. to Mar. 18, 2023 (Final Exam: Mar. 25, 2023)
1 Arms Control & Disarmament ACD501 Compulsory Theory 3 Dr. Samuel Fikiri Cinini
2 Strategic Studies SRS502 Compulsory Theory 3 Dr. Shantae Coppock
3 Criminology & Security CRS506 Elective Theory 3
Sem. II Two Months: Starting 01 Apr. to May. 13, 2023 (Final Exam: May. 20, 2023)
4 Intelligence & Security Analysis ISA503 Compulsory Theory 3
5 Geopolitics & Geostrategy GEG504 Compulsory Theory 3
6 Security & Defence Policy SDP507 Elective Theory 3
Sem. III Two Months: Starting 27 May. to Jul. 08, 2023 (Final Exam: Jul. 15, 2023)
7 Cyber Security CYS505 Compulsory Theory 3
8 Terrorism & Counterterrorism TCT508 Elective Theory 3
Final Project Starting Aug. 06, 2023 to Feb. 24, 2024 (Thesis Defence: Mar)
9 Dissertation DRN509 Compulsory Practical 6 Supervisor