Master of Public Administration
M.A. in Public Administration is a one-year postgraduate Public Administration course. Public Administration is a comprehensive and thorough study of Public Administration as a discipline at an advanced level. M.A. (Public Administration) degree course covers the study of various Theories of Administration, Public Organizations, Financial Administration, Public Services and the Constitutional Framework. In other words, M.A. in (Public Administration) degree course is a study involving the study of a system through which the government carries out its business of ruling and controlling effectively. M.A. (Public Administration) degree course teaches and trains the students in democratic values such as equality, justice, security and order. It also prepares human resources (called public administrators) who can critically analyze and review the public policies of the government. The students are also taught to take the responsibility of determining the policies and programs of the government.  

Faculty E-mail: Duration: One Year Eligibility: Minimum Percentage: 70%
Sr. No. Subjects of Study Code Subject Type Type Credit Hours Instructor
Sem. I Two Months: Starting 04 Feb. to Mar. 18, 2023 (Final Exam: Mar. 25, 2023)
1 Administrative Theory & Behavior ATB1021 Compulsory Theory 3 Dr. Dustin Potash
2 Public Budgeting & Financial Administration PBF1022 Compulsory Theory 3 Prof. Felicetta Iovino
3 Public Service Management PSM1026 Elective Theory 3
Sem. II Two Months: Starting 01 Apr. to May. 13, 2023 (Final Exam: May. 20, 2023)
4 Corporate Governance & Decision Making CGD1023 Compulsory Theory 3
5 Public Policy & Analysis PPA1024 Compulsory Theory 3
6 Project Planning & Management PPM1027 Elective Theory 3
Sem. III Two Months: Starting 27 May. to Jul. 08, 2023 (Final Exam: Jul. 15, 2023)
7 Governance & State Building GSB1025 Compulsory Theory 3
8 Legal & Ethical Issues LEI1028 Elective Theory 3
Final Project Starting Aug. 06, 2023 to Feb. 24, 2024 (Thesis Defence: Mar)
9 Dissertation DRN1029 Compulsory Practical 6 Supervisor