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Personal Study Plan

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You are welcome, Mohamud Shiekh. I would be looking forward to the submission your personal study plan

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Personal Study Plan

In order to help students familiarise with online learning we will briefly discuss the ways that can help you to become a better student for the Master of Public Administration program.

Generally online courses/training are becoming the favoured approach to learning because they are no geographic barriers, they are flexible and more convenient, and also allow students to take courses in their own spare time and from the comfort of their office or home. While this added flexibility and convenience can be a premium to most students it can also be a double-edged sword. It requires self-direction, students set their own personal study schedules and stick with them. Below I have listed some important study tips that can assist you in adjusting to the online learning environment.

Study tips: a summary

Time management

  • Set regular time aside for study and make it a weekly routine

  • Aim for frequent periods of study (some short and some long) rather than one long one

  • Join in with the forums regularly and frequently

  • Make use of small amounts of time

  • Look ahead so that you know what is coming up

  • Set time limits for tasks

  • Keep on top of the reading

  • Use abstracts and conclusions to help you get a quick overview

  • Jot down bullet points for contributions to the forums

  • Make time for exercise and relaxation

  • Have some study-free periods each week

  • Build in some extra study time at the end of modules to help focus on the module assignment

  • Get to know when and where it suits you to study


  • Set up a filing system for documents and notes

  • Have all your study materials together in one place (pens, paper etc)

  • Find out where it suits you to study and have a dedicated space

  • Carry a small notebook with you

  • Think about using e-readers and mobile devices if that suits you

  • Make notes about the key points in your reading. 


  • Join in with the forums regularly and frequently (so important that it gets two mentions!)

  • Ask about anything that you don’t understand

  • Share information that you think might be of interest to others

  • Discuss what you are doing with work colleagues / other interested people

  • Relate your studies to examples and cases from work

  • In your personal life keep people who need to know informed about your studies

  • Keep in touch with your lecturer, ask for help if you need it and inform them of any changes that may affect your studies

Attitudes/ behaviours

  • Reflect on how it is going and make adjustments as necessary

  • Be kind to yourself

  • Build in treats

  • Remember why you are doing this; keep your personal motivation going and enjoy it!


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