Main Faculties

Accord University Health Management provides three main faculties: Health Promotion and Education, Health Research and Analytics, and Healthcare Administration and Management. These faculties are designed to provide comprehensive health management services to individuals and communities. The services offered are varied, including research, analysis, education and promotion of healthy lifestyles, administration, and the management of healthcare systems. Coordination between these faculties is fundamental in achieving the utmost optimal wellness and health management.

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Faculty of Health Science

The Faculty of Health Science is a significant department in every University. This faculty is dedicated to teaching, researching, and promoting health through various avenues such as medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and public health. The faculty consists of highly qualified and experienced faculties who teach students to become excellent health practitioners in their field of study.

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Faculty of Humanities & Social Science

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Science offers a wide array of subjects that explore human society and the individual, including literature, sociology, history, economics, politics, communication, and among others. These skills are essential not only for academic success but also for professional and personal growth in all walks of life. In summary, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science is vital for the well-rounded education of any student aiming to develop an understanding of human complexities and societal issues from multiple angles.

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School of Management

The school of management is a distinctive academic field that provides advanced degree programs in management and business administration. The purpose of the school is to prepare students for leadership roles in the corporate world, financial institutions, and government agencies.

The education in management schools is aimed at refining leadership qualities and building decision-making abilities, which are crucial for effective management.