Master of Monitoring & Evaluation

M.A. This course is intended to meet the training needs of individuals who wish to become practitioners of monitoring and assessment in the public and private sectors, in particular in the areas of programmes, programs, growth, health, education and the environment. There are job opportunities for program graduates in government, civil society, nongovernmental organizations (NGOS), foreign organizations active in development Activities and commercial enterprises engaged in social activities. Governmental organisations that provide development assessment support, advice and expertise in emerging economies (the African Development Bank, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization); private sector.

Faculty E-mail: Duration: One Year Eligibility: Minimum Percentage: 70%
Sr. No. Subjects of Study Code Subject Type Type Credit Hours Lecturer
Sem. I Two Months: Starting 04 Feb. to Mar. 18, 2023 (Final Exam: Mar. 25, 2023)
1 Theories & Models of Monitoring & Evaluation TME561 Compulsory Theory 3 Mr. Lawal Olamilekan
2 Designing for Monitoring & Evaluation Systems DME562 Compulsory Theory 3 Mr. Lubega Antonny
3 Project Resource Mobilization & Management PRM566 Elective Theory 3
Sem. II Two Months: Starting 01 Apr. to May. 13, 2023 (Final Exam: May. 20, 2023)
4 Evaluation Capacity Development & Change ECD563 Compulsory Theory 3
5 Monitoring & Evaluation Project MEP564 Compulsory Theory 3
6 Cost Benefit Analysis: Theory & Application CBA567 Elective Theory 3
Sem. III Two Months: Starting 27 May. to Jul. 08, 2023 (Final Exam: Jul. 15, 2023)
7 Organizational Change & Development OCD565 Compulsory Theory 3
8 Data Collection Methods in the field of Evaluation DCM568 Elective Theory 3
Final Project Starting Aug. 06, 2023 to Feb. 24, 2024 (Thesis Defence: Mar)
9 Dissertation DRN569 Compulsory Practical 6 Supervisor