Master of Information Management & Data Analysis

M.Sc. Information Management and Data Analysis or Master of Science in Information Management and Data Analysis.  This programme is ideal for aspiring IT managers who want to launch a career in the industry and confidently utilize opportunities that big data offers for business success. The course is also suitable for people already in the computing management environment.  it

Faculty E-mail: Duration: One Year Eligibility: Minimum Percentage: 70%
Sr. No. Subjects of Study Code Subject Type Type Credit Hours Lecturer
Sem. I Two Months: Starting 04 Feb. to Mar. 18, 2023 (Final Exam: Mar. 25, 2023)
1 Introduction to Information System & Data Analysis IIS3001 Compulsory Theory 3 Ms. Amani Abu Zaid
2 Managerial Analysis & Communication MAC3002 Compulsory Theory 3 Mr. Charles Saroufim
3 Information Security INS3006 Elective Theory 3
Sem. II Two Months: Starting 01 Apr. to May. 13, 2023 (Final Exam: May. 20, 2023)
4 Information Systems Analysis & Design ISA3004 Compulsory Theory 3
5 Data Visualisation & Interpretation DVI3005 Compulsory Theory 3
6 IS & Business Strategy Alignment ISB3007 Elective Theory 3
Sem. III Two Months: Starting 27 May. to Jul. 08, 2023 (Final Exam: Jul. 15, 2023)
7 Unstructured Data Analytics & Machine Learning UDA3006 Compulsory Theory 3
8 Digital Asset Manager DAM3008 Elective Theory 3
Final Project Starting Aug. 06, 2023 to Feb. 24, 2024 (Thesis Defence: Mar)
9 Dissertation DRN3009 Compulsory Practical 6 Supervisor