Master of Finance & Economic Development

M.Sc. Finance and Economic Development or Master of Science in Finance and Economic Development is a postgraduate Finance and Economic Development course. Finance and Economic Development includes Environmental economics, Growth and Development and the development and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The specialty also focuses on defining Taxation and Public Finance in Developing Economics. The course syllabus is split into two semesters and students have several career opportunities after completing it.


Faculty E-mail: Duration: One Year Eligibility: Minimum Percentage: 70%
Sr. No. Subjects of Study Code Subject Type Type Credit Hours Lecturer
Sem. I Two Months: Starting 04 Feb. to Mar. 18, 2023 (Final Exam: Mar. 25, 2023)
1 Introduction to Finance & Economic Development IFE3081 Compulsory Theory 3 Prof. Rania Reda
2 Foreign Direct Investment & Development FDI3082 Compulsory Theory 3 Mr. Lawal Olamilekan
3 Advanced Corporate Finance ACF3086 Elective Theory 3
Sem. II Two Months: Starting 01 Apr. to May. 13, 2023 (Final Exam: May. 20, 2023)
4 Aid & Development ADT3083 Compulsory Theory 3
5 Finance for Development FID3084 Compulsory Theory 3
6 Development Policy DEP3087 Elective Theory 3
Sem. III Two Months: Starting 27 May. to Jul. 08, 2023 (Final Exam: Jul. 15, 2023)
7 Advanced Econometrics ADE3085 Compulsory Theory 3
8 International Macroeconomics & Policy FIM3088 Elective Theory 3
Final Project Starting Aug. 06, 2023 to Feb. 24, 2024 (Thesis Defence: Mar)
9 Dissertation DRN3089 Compulsory Practical 6 Supervisor